Friday, August 19, 2011

Puffy Paint

Last week we made puffy paints as one of our projects.  I got the idea from my super-crafty friend, Tracy.  She always has great ideas so be sure to check out her site sometime!  We used her recipe for the puffy paint which was a mixture of shaving cream, liquid glue and food coloring.  It sounds like it would be a huge, sticky mess but it really was not.  The boys really enjoyed the project, especially little brother. He is my budding artist though and loves doing anything with paints or markers.  

We did this project early in the morning so excuse the pajamas, bed head and any other imperfections.  :)  This is life and how we do things around here.   

Not too sure why they decided to sit on the counter or whose idea it was, but if one boy does it the other boy must do it as well.  Everything around here has turned into a competition lately, who can go up the stairs the fastest, who can be the first one to get into their pajamas, who can be the first one down the stairs, etc. 

he actually did 3 different paintings - a record I'm certain! 

while he painted at least 10 sheets of paper, his ear, his pants and feet.

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