Sunday, August 24, 2008


This past Saturday we went out with a few friends of ours to a local winery for an evening concert.  The band played lots of popular 80s songs and we enjoyed playing with the babies and people watching.  There was a little girl sitting next to us that had on the exact same outfit as Emily and was born the exact same day as Ryan.  Kind of coincidental.  

Jeff took a few pictures of Ryan and Me when we first got to the winery.  Thanks to the wonderful digital camera, I was able to see the pictures the moment they were taken.  The first picture below literally brought tears to my eyes.  I just think that it is such a great picture of the two of us (and we don't have many of just Mommy and Ryan).  

My favorite picture of Ryan and Me.  

Our happy little guy

Us with Annie & Emily (it is hard getting two babies to look at the camera at the same time)

All that playing tired him out...

Sweet PotaTOES

So today was the day we decided we were going to let Ryan try something other than cereal or oatmeal.  I have decided that I want to try and make most of the baby food myself because it is pretty easy, I like to cook and it is cheaper.  I mashed up two bananas and one sweet potato and froze them into ice cube trays and now my freezer is stocked up with a ton of food!  I never knew how much food I would be able to get out of one sweet potato.  

Anyway, Ryan doesn't really seem to love rice cereal or oatmeal all that much.  I probably wouldn't either as they both probably taste like cardboard.  This morning he was excitedly holding his mouth open for the spoon and even got seconds (his servings were really small though).  In between bites Ryan would play with his feet.  He had sweet potato all over himself...head to toe.  Sweet Potatoes = Success!  

mmmm...Mommy these are good! 

Ryan's sweet potaTOES!

Friday, August 22, 2008

5 Months! (and one week)

We were out of town when Ryan turned 5 months old, so I didn't get to blog about the big day.  I cannot believe that my baby is 5 months old.  The time just keeps flying by.  Ryan is doing so much.  When we got back from Texas, Jeff kept asking me, "Is this new?" Referring to the new things that Ryan was doing. 

Things I love about my 5 month old:
  • He smiles for no reason at all
  • He gets so excited to see us when he wakes up from his nap or night time sleep.  He starts kicking and smiling like crazy the moment he sees us. 
  • He loves to people watch
  • He is fascinated with the smallest things (ceiling fans, lights, different textures, mirrors)
  • He giggles and grins every time he sees his reflection in the mirror
  • He is a Mama's boy (this is good now...maybe not so much when he is a teenager)
  • He loves to cuddle
  • He still lets me rock him to sleep at night
  • He loves when I sing to him
  • He is such a trooper --we go out and about almost daily and he never complains
  • He reaches out to explore faces and sucks your nose or cheek to give you a kiss
  • He smiles for the camera and doesn't get upset when I take a million pictures of him
  • He has changed my life

Two exciting/scary things happened yesterday.  First when we went out shopping, Ryan decided that he was ready to sit up all the way in his stroller  (We have always had it reclined a bit before).  As soon as the seat was in the upright position, Ryan started grinning like crazy.  He was so proud of himself and was so excited to really be able to see what was going on.  He was entertaining many of the other people out shopping, flashing them smiles and waving his arms in excitement.  Then....when I went to get Ryan out of his crib he was on all fours!  Yes, he was up on his knees and his entire chest was off of the floor.  I am so not ready for this much mobility!  I ran to grab my camera but when I got back he was no longer up on his knees.  Here are a few pictures of my wonderful baby! 

Dinner with Aunt Rita

Last night we got to have dinner with my Aunt.  She lives in San Diego but came to the area for a work conference.  It was her first time to meet Ryan.  Ryan was in such a great mood (as usual).  He continued his newest thing...thinking that when people hold him he is in his jumper.  He tries to jump up and down in people's laps and just giggles the entire time.  He really did miss his jumper when we were in Texas.  In the past two days when I have taken Ryan out of his jumper he has given me the pouty face.  Then he reaches for the jumper.  It is really too bad that he is getting too tall to use it.  I am going to have to find something else to entertain him with. 

Here are some pictures of our dinner with Aunt Rita.  We really enjoyed seeing her again and we are making plans to visit her in San Diego!  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Way to go little bro...

My not so little brother Brandon has some awesome news!  Last week his band (he is the guitar player and back-up vocals) signed with Atlantic Records.  Brandon has always wanted to make it in the music industry.  I am so proud of him and excited for him as he is living out his dream right now!  If you haven't heard their music, you should check them out!  The band is Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights!  

Way to go Brandon!  We are so happy for you guys!!!!

My New Discovery

My Grandma Penni and PaPa Paul and my Grandpa Jerry all have the coolest thing at their house.  It is called a piano.  When you push down on the white or black buttons (Mommy says they are called keys) noises come out.  I had such a great time pressing down on all of the keys and listening for the different sounds that came out.  Maybe one day my Grandma can teach me how to play a song on the piano.  

Airport Humor...

Yesterday I really thought that I had lost my mind.  From the beginning I kept telling everyone that my flight back home was on Tuesday.  So on Tuesday my dad drops Ryan and me off at the airport.  We go to check in and....I was a day early.  My flight was not until Wednesday!!  I should have looked at my confirmation a little more closely.  I hated to call Jeff and tell him that I was not coming home for another whole day.  I knew that he was missing us and we were ready to be home too.  Here is the look Ryan gave me when I told him that he wouldn't see his Daddy for another day...

So today we go to the airport as scheduled...we board the plane...and wait.  They decide to taxi out to the tarmac and then the fun began.  We sat there for 2 hours not moving an inch.  The plane got hot, they didn't serve us any water for the longest sucked.  I was supposed to be on the plane for 3 hours and it turned into 6 hours!  Ryan did an awesome job though.  When we got off the plane all of the passengers kept telling me that he was such a happy baby.  He was on the plane for 6 hours and didn't even let out the smallest cry.  He is such a great baby! 

Mommy's First Night Away...

The main purpose of our trip to Texas was my Sister-in-law's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.  We spent the entire afternoon on Saturday watching Jenn get showered with lots of wonderful gifts.  Then it was time to leave...I knew that I would be leaving Ryan for the entire night.  Right as I was getting ready to leave Ryan started crying.  I could not leave my baby while he was upset.  After crying a few tears myself I knew that I had to leave for the evening.  I knew that Ryan was going to be in great hands.  I made it the entire night without calling to check in on him!  Woohoo!!

Thanks to Grandma Penni for keeping Ryan.  I had such a wonderful time and it was a much needed night off! 

The most wonderful sister ever...Congrats, Jenn!!

Texas Visit

Ryan's second trip to Texas was lots of fun.  We didn't get to take Daddy with us this time which was really hard, but we still had a great time.  My family always goes above and beyond and plans some sort of big gathering where everyone can come and go and visit with us.  This time we had a pool party!  Ryan splashed around in the pool and got to visit with lots of his family members.  

Here are a few pictures of our week in Texas..

We have such a wonderful family!  Ryan and I really had a blast.  

Shelbie, Ryan, Sydnee and baby girl Ryan...

Ryan and Grandpa Jerry

Ryan and my favorite cousin, Jessica...

Ryan's New Chair..

While we were in Texas, Jeff's parents got Ryan the cutest leather chair.  The chair matches PaPa's but it does not rock like his does.  Each time we put Ryan into the chair he started grinning and laughing.  I am pretty sure that he will get great use out of his chair for years to come. 


Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Foods...

This morning we decided to have Ryan try rice cereal for the first time.  Our pediatrician recommended that we wait until Ryan was six months old before we introduced any solid foods, but Ryan has been consistently eating well over 40oz each day and many other pediatricians recommend starting solids at 4 months.  We decided that we would give rice cereal a try and see how Ryan reacted.  If he wasn't interested then we would wait and try again. 

Open Wide....
Ryan enjoyed grabbing the spoon and trying to feed himself.  

More please...

I would be lying if I said that Ryan loved the rice cereal, but he didn't dislike it either.  He seemed to get the idea and we have decided that we will try again tomorrow and see how things go.  

Not sure where the most ended up, the chin, the bib or in Ryan's tummy...


Some funny moments from the cereal....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Naked Baby!

Daddy's face is so neat...

Mommy stop taking my picture and come play with me...

New Shoes...

Last week I bought Ryan a cute pair of shoes.  I don't usually like to put him in any shoes or socks for that matter in the summer time because baby feet are cute and he gets hot.  He thought they were ok for about 5 minutes and then he had enough of them.   I was able to snap a couple of quick pictures of him before he wanted them off! 

Ryan had to inspect the shoes immediately.  

Monday, August 4, 2008

An Afternoon Swim

When Jeff got home from work today we decided to head over to the neighborhood pool.  It was the perfect time of day to go because there weren't very many people there.  We got to try out Ryan's new "boat/raft."  At first, Ryan's only interest was sucking his fingers.

After a few minutes in the pool though, Ryan really started to have a great time.  He did seem to think that the steering wheel was a teething ring though.  Jeff and I decided that since the pool is only open for one more month that we need to go more often!

Ryan's Toes

As previously mentioned, last week's big discovery was feet.  Since Ryan discovered he was able to reach his feet I have not been able to get any pictures of him where is is not holding onto his feet or toes.  Who knew that feet could be so fascinating?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sitting Pretty and other things...

Ryan is officially 20 weeks old, my how the time has flown.  His big accomplishment for this week...sitting on his own.  He has been trying to sit for the past couple of weeks but has pretty much only been able to sit for a second or two before falling forward.  This week he figured out how to balance himself in a tripod type style and can sit for a little bit before he starts to wobble.  

Several weeks ago we bought a baby pool but we never got around to using it.  Today was a beautiful summer day so we decided to try it out.  Ryan wanted to use his new found independence and sit on his own in the pool.  He did pretty good but Mommy and Daddy were right there next to him in case he started to fall to the sides.  Ryan loves the water and seemed to like his pool.  

oh yeah...and he likes to stand pretty much all the time now..oh no!!

All wrinkled up...time to get out.

ok and this video is super long...sorry..well not really.  A week or so ago I decided to buy this jumper.  We have lots of toys for Ryan but I needed something I could take upstairs while I was doing laundry or something.  Anyway, it was $26 something and it was the best money I have spent yet.  Ryan loves this jumper.  He goes for a minute, takes a break and goes again.  I like to think he is dancing just a little..enjoy.  

Please excuse the paint can...we are trying to paint some of our house right now and I was using it as a door stop so Ryan wouldn't close the door if he got to jumping a little too much.  :)