Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Week!

Here is a quick run-down of last week. I have a few things that I will put up a separate post about (Strawberry picking, our anniversary, Ryan's promotion ceremony at school) and I hope to have a few minutes to try and put up some videos!!! (all pics from the phone so excuse the poor quality).

Ryan was watching TV in the rocker, Owen climbed up in there with him and I rushed as fast as humanly possible to grab a camera and capture the sweet moment.

wasting time before Ryan got out of school..

After strawberry picking we headed out for a nature walk/playground time

He loves the baby swing because he can go so high in it! He still occasionally forgets to hold on to the big boy swing so he has to go fairly slow in that one.

The day Owen discovered how fun the slide could be.

I LOVE these boys!!!

He is only allowed to climb up the slide if no other children are at the playground...he loves doing it though.

I see my future..

After Ryan's promotion ceremony at school we let him pick lunch. He chose Chick-fil-A. We said he could have a special ice cream treat afterwards, but only if he would wear the hat. ;)

10 on the 10th

Ok so it is the 18th and I am just posting this but oh well, at least I actually remembered to do it this month. Several months ago I came across a day-in-the-life post on another blog that I follow. I have been meaning to do it ever since but I somehow always forget. Basically you take one photo per hour for 10 hours on the 10th of the here's our first 10 on the 10th!

9am - reading his favorite book, Snuggle Puppy

10am - snack time before playtime!

11am - playing at the fountains - the only shot I have where both boys are pictured.

Noon = naptime = Happy ME!

1pm - time to clean

2pm - naps still going strong, time to enjoy a nice, cold glass of freshly made strawberry lemonade! YUM

3pm - Hello there bed head!

4pm - pool time!

5pm - dig in the dirt time --- help Mommy with the gardening time, (quickly followed by bath time)

6pm - 27 weeks pregnant belly shot ---- getting ready for an anniversary celebration with my wonderful hubby! Happy 9th anniversary, Jeff!!!!

Our Week...through my phone

This week the weather was fantastic! The temperatures were perfect, allowing for plenty of outdoor time and plenty of picnics. I wish it could be that way all year around!

Ryan picked up this rock and exclaimed, "Mommy, it's the biggest rock I've ever seen!"

Enjoying a nice walk outside.

What better way to finish up a picnic than with oreos?

Help, I'm stuck!

After a morning walk and errands this little boy passed out in a beanbag.

After naps we made cookies!

Then went for a long walk to another playground!

of course Monkey came with us. He had a fun time!

Checking out a new playground

Got to go see a kids concert on Thursday!

I finally (after almost 3 years of owning it) plugged in my sewing machine, threaded it and attempted to sew a straight line. Need a little more practice. lol

and then went to the playground again after naps.

Friday we had to go get a Father's Day gift then hit up yet another playground. Looks like someone was having a great time!

Later we went to our neighborhood playground again..

last week Owen finally discovered that he REALLY loved the slides. Up until last week we practically had to force him to go down. This week he progressed to the twisty slide. He LOVES it. Even more fun than going down is climbing up!

Decided that the double jogger is easier to use than the wagon. Even though it is HEAVY!!! The stroller = at LEAST 35 pounds, Ryan = 35 pounds, Owen = 28 pounds. Ummm that is a lot of weight to be pushing around!!! But easier to push it than to pull it in a wagon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer List

Summer is my favorite time of year. Yes, it is unbearably hot at times, but there is SO much to do in a day. The days are long, the sun shines bright, the activities are plentiful -- summer is GREAT!

After reading this post yesterday I decided that a Summer List was a must do for our family. I hope that it becomes a yearly tradition. As the kids get bigger I fully intend to have them come up with some of the items on their own. I am so excited to get started on our list and looking forward to creating memories with the boys!!!

My summer list isn't as cute as hers but that is not the point. Here is our 2011 Summer List! Blank space at the bottom for us to add items as we go. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I can't wait

To print these images up ---- big and put them on my wall!!! When did my boys get so big?

Random Things

I was looking at the blog the other day and felt a little blah about the images. I never take time to edit the images of my own kids. I also haven't been making them big (I totally forgot that I knew how to do that). Anyway, since I don't keep a baby book, I am going to make an effort to do a better job with the pictures of my children.

These were all taken on a random hot day last week. We had the boys outside playing in the pool/water table. Owen still isn't a fan of the pool. He really doesn't care for water much at all. Even baths for him can result in a major meltdown. He is not, I repeat NOT a fan of getting his head wet. He does however enjoy splashing in his water table.

I want to remember these pudgy fingers forever. The rolls of baby fat mean that my child is well nourished.
My sweet Ryan is growing into more of a little boy every single day. The things he says constantly make me laugh. The other day he asked for a brown lollipop. I wasn't sure he would like the brown one (root beer flavored). One lick and he loved it! I asked him what it tasted like and he proudly stated, "A wheel barrow!" I guess those taste pretty good. ;)
(not sure why this picture is now small)

Just don't let that water get him in the face!!!!