Friday, August 19, 2011

Frozen Banana Bites

We have been making weekly (or more) special treats around here.  The boys love when we get to make special little treats and well -- so do I!  One of our favorites have been the chocolate covered banana bites.  I have seen many different methods of making these and even tried out several different options.  The one that worked best for us was to 
1.  slice banana into bite-sized pieces  
2.  put sliced banana in the freezer for about an hour or so  
3. melt some chocolate 
4.  drizzle the chocolate over the sliced up banana bites 
5. let the kids put sprinkles on the bites 
6. enjoy!

I wish this was not blurred!  He literally dumped half of the contents in one spot.

you better act fast - they will gobble the entire plate up in seconds

Little bro's giant blob of sprinkles and some chocolate covered bananas! 

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