Monday, November 30, 2009

Air and Space Museum

Yesterday we decided to take Ryan to the nearby Air and Space Museum again. We went there back in June but thought that he would enjoy it even more now. We were right. Ryan loved the observation tower. You can watch the air planes take off from Dulles Airport. We got there shortly after they opened for the day and it was not crowded at all. Ryan loved running around the museum. I am sure that we will be back again soon with the weather getting colder.

Totally exhausted...

Christmas Tree

This weekend we decided to get out all of our Christmas decorations and have Ryan help us put them out. We decided to purchase some plastic balls for our tree this year so that in case Ryan decided to mess with the tree we would not have to worry about our delicate ornaments. It was a good call as he is in LOVE with the tree.

Ryan enjoyed helping us put the lights and ornament balls onto the tree. He seemed to enjoy taking them off of the tree as fast as he was putting them on too though. We tried really hard to get him to understand that we don't touch the ornaments once they are on the tree, he is getting better at understanding this concept.

Ryan's favorite thing to do now is to walk around the tree pointing out the lights, ornaments (and telling us what color they are and if they are a ball or Santa or whatever) and then finally pointing out the star on top.

Ohhh the tree is so pretty from up high...

Deciding where to put his ornament "up high"

Got another one Daddy...

I did it!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

One Month!!!

Owen is now one month old! It has gone by super duper fast too. Ryan loves having a little brother around. When people come over to the house Ryan always makes sure they know "O-o" as he calls him. Owen is more alert every single day. He is sleeping great a night and is very content. He only gets upset when he is hungry or has gas, other than that he is the most mellow little guy around.

I had planned on putting Owen into the same outfit that Ryan wore when he was one month old. When I grabbed the outfit, I thought for sure it would fit Owen, but as I tried dressing him I quickly realized that it was not going to come close. The overalls would not snap at the top and the pants were about mid-shin level on him. Needless to say Owen is much longer than Ryan was at the same age --- that or the outfit shrunk a ton. So these bath time pictures will have to suffice for Owen's one month picture. Owen really enjoys bath time. He is very alert and very relaxed the entire time.

Little stinker sticking out his tongue..

I am so sad that this picture is blurry...first smile on camera!

Ryan at one month (his hair was all falling out by this time)


This Thanksgiving was a bit unique for us as we were on our own and for the first time a family of four. It was nice to not have anywhere to be on Thanksgiving Day. The weather was yucky so we stayed inside and enjoyed time with our little guys and I cooked our dinner.

Jeff and I have so much to be thankful for this year!!!!!!

Ryan loved his turkey dinner. He even ate the turkey (sometimes he can be funny about meat).
The best we could do getting the boys together...(not sure if you can tell but Owen did NOT enjoy this)

Ok, let's try again --- just Ryan this time.

Such a little turkey..

Now Owen's turn..

His outfit says Thankful for Mommy and Daddy --- Owen we are so thankful for you too! :)

The Abbott turkeys...

Mmmm...Mama this is tasty!

Oh and yes, you might see a tear on Ryan's face because he was upset when we would not let him have his food while we were saying grace.


I took these about a week ago but they never made the blog. Hope you enjoy my almost 4 week old little cutie pie!

Can't leave out the handsome big brother...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Movie Night

Last night we had our first ever family movie night. We recently purchased Up and decided that we would start family movie night off with it. We had no expectations of how the night would go, but we didn't really think Ryan would pay too much attention to the movie after a few minutes.

Ryan LOVED Up. He liked all the dogs, even the scary ones. He loved the flying house. He would wave to the house and say bye bye to it from time to time. We plan on making this a weekly tradition. I am sure at some point Ryan will have a favorite movie and it will be difficult for us to watch anything but that particular movie.

My boys..

Daddy and Ryan cuddled up on the couch...

Mommy (looking a bit tired --- and Owen)

Friday, November 20, 2009


Well life with two boys is fantastic so far. Owen is really attached to me which is both a good and not-so-good thing. He gets panicked when I leave the room. He is sleeping great! The past several nights he has only gotten up one time around 1:30am. Then he wakes around 5am and I get my day started. I like having a couple of hours in the morning to just have Owen time.

He is growing so fast. He is starting to fill out everywhere. He is so much more alert during the day now as well.

My chunky monkey...

Here are a few random things that I feel the need to share....

1. I love the Miracle Blanket. It truly is a miracle. Let me say that Ryan hated this thing and Jeff and I thought it should be marketed as a torture device of some sort. That said --- Owen loves it. He sleeps soundly for hours while tightly swaddled in the Miracle Blanket. Last night we had a 5 hour stretch! YAY!

Ryan in the torture device...

Owen peacefully resting in the miracle blanket..

2. We have gone on several outings this week. It has been very nice getting back into our "normal" routine. I get a little more confident getting out with them every day. So far so good as we have not had any meltdowns. :)

3. Ryan continues to amaze us daily. This weekend we drove past a Chick-fil-a. As we passed by Ryan says, "dinner", "hot" (blows air out of his mouth with his fingers in front of his mouth), "chick-chick", "bock". We did not have Chick-Fil-A that night, but it was very cute.

4. I am addicted to the Twilight series. I had the second book on hold at the library but it was taking too long (and by too long just a couple of days) so I broke down and bought my very own copy of New Moon. I plan on requesting book 3 much earlier than needed.

Mean Mommy gave Owen a new set of ears...

Monday, November 16, 2009


I have a few pictures that I have been meaning to post but haven't gotten around to doing. Forgive me, I have been a little bit busy.

Ryan "painting" --- I got this idea from the lady that teaches Ryan's toddler play paper + water + brush = lots and lots and lots of fun!

Checking out his brother..

Ryan and Owen making cupcakes or "cake" with Aunt Jenn..

Ryan loved to stir the ingredients...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

20 Months and 3 weeks!!!

I decided to do a little something different for my monthly update this time..


I am amazed at the independent little boy you are becoming. Today Daddy and I took you to the park and you didn't even need our help to do anything. You are such a strong little boy and your outgoing nature makes it seem as if you could do anything you set your mind to doing. I am amazed watching you learn new things each and every single day.

You are such a kind little boy. You love being around people and you love to make people laugh. One of your favorite things is to run and hide and then jump out to scare us around the house. Your laughter is contagious. You are stringing words together like "I did it" and "Where are you" now and you continue to learn new words and sayings every day. Sometimes you will say things and we have no idea where you learned them from.

You are such a sweet big brother to Owen. You love to bring him a paci when he is crying, even if it is one of yours. You like to swing him in the swing. You are the first to go running to see if everything is ok when Owen cries. Owen is so lucky to have you as his big brother!

Your favorite things for now are watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (but Mommy and Daddy limit you to two episodes per day), going night night, sliding on the slides at the park, helping Mommy and Daddy around the house, taking baths with lots of bubbles, climbing on everything in sight and playing with your train.

You are such a wonderful blessing from God. I hope you know how much that Daddy and I love you.



My sweet baby boy. You are already three whole weeks old. It is amazing how much you have changed our lives in such a short period of time. You are such an easy going baby. You hardly ever make any noise at all unless you are hungry or want someone to snuggle with you. You are a cuddly baby and love being held, especially by me.

You still have your days and nights a little confused, but we don't mind too much. Before we know it you won't even be waking up in the middle of the night any more. We cherish each and every single moment. You don't really cry too much but when you do, you want to be heard!

You are perfect in every way. I love to watch you all the time. You have the cutest little grin. I love your adorable little side burns. I am amazed by how big you are and how much you have grown in just a few short weeks. I love watching your little personality develop day by day. Your Daddy and I think that you look just like him.

You love being cuddled. You love your bath time as long as the water is warm and we have a space heater on to keep you toasty warm. You don't seem to mind when your big brother makes lots of noise or messes with you a little bit. We are so thankful that God gave us you. You and your brother are answers to many of our prayers.


Ryan at 10 months

Ryan 20 months

Owen 3 weeks (no, I was not trying to give him a mohawk --- his hair dried this way and won't do anything else)

Ryan 3 weeks (for comparison)