Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Day With Grandpa J!

My dad recently had the opportunity to do some work in this area.  He was only here for a couple of weeks and only had one day off.  He chose to spend his one day off the best way possible, with us!  The boys were beyond excited about Grandpa J coming to stay at our house.  They got his bed all ready and then proceeded to jump on it like crazy!  They really had a blast.  Grandpa J arrived after they were already in bed but as soon as the boys were up for the day so was their Grandpa.  We started the day off with a nice hearty breakfast, then went to the store for a new toy, to the playground, out to lunch, home for naps, cooked dinner on the grill (little brother even devoured a steak), made some delicious brownie sundaes, went to another playground and then capped off the night with a fireworks show of our own.  I don't think we could have had a better day!!!  We really enjoyed our visit and can't wait to see Grandpa J again! 

Big Bro requested strawberry ice cream (his favorite)

big boy doing things on the playground like his big bro!

way more fun to slide on your belly!

almost there! 

looking for his bubba - "Dy-Annnnnn"

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