Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Newborn!

Today I had the honor of photographing a beautiful baby girl! After a good feeding from her Mommy, baby L went right to sleep. She took the most wonderful photos and her big brother absolutely adores her!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My little boy..

He is so very cooperative and patient with his Mommy. He knows that his Mommy is practicing her photography and needs models.

Today he decided there would be no smiles.

Not again Mommy

Ok you can take my picture but no smiling

and I mean no smiling!

oh wait...maybe just one little grin

oh Mommy you are funny....I can't stop!

ok --- we are done here now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today I have been hit with an overwhelming sense of delight. I started thinking about all of the wonderful things around me and I was just in awe. I am so thankful for this wonderful life I have to live.

For starters -- I have the most wonderful husband, period. He is my biggest supporter. He provides for our family and allows me to have a job I love more than I could ever imagine. He is a wonderful father and role model to our boys. He is silly, total computer nerd, loves anything I cook and my best friend. I am honored to be his wife. :)

Then I have these two fantastic little boys. They have taught me a type of love that I did not even know existed. They make me a better person.

There is so much more I have to be thankful for but Mom duties call --- Owen is awake from his nap! :)

Random things...

1. After spending nearly $100 on diapers for Ryan and Owen (they should last us about 6 weeks), I have started to give VERY strong consideration to cloth diapering. I am thinking we are in diapers for at least 6 more months with Ryan and at least 2 more years for Owen.

2. I need to order one of these. I have been telling Jeff for ages that I want to have the blog printed out as it is my way of journaling big events in the our lives. I just might have to order one soon!

3. I also could use one of these. I love the idea of creating a cookbook of your very own. What a wonderful way to have all of your favorite recipes in one place and what a great gift it could be to give other people, or to give the boys someday. I could just have all of their favorite things in one place for them.

4. Double strollers are awful! They are all big, heavy and bulky. They all make shopping a pain. I have a very nice one that was very expensive and I do not like it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Pictures

Ryan loves his window seat. (look at those calf muscles!)

busy, busy boy

is always on the go

running back and forth

as fast as

his little feet will go.

Messy Ryan...Jeff gave him some whip cream on his fruit for dessert...he loved it.

Easter Party!

This past weekend my moms group celebrated our annual Easter Party. It was funny to see how all of the kids reacted to the Easter Bunny. Ryan and Owen both didn't seem to be bothered by him in the least. We had a great time celebrating with all of our friends!

I should have gotten more pics of the boys together in their cute outfits. They will wear these again though so next time I will definitely get more pics of them all dressed up. They looked SO cute!

Owen meets the Easter bunny

Ryan looks a little scared here but he wasn't. My camera stopped working while he was in the Bunny's lap so he was just ready to get down and play...the boys were troopers and stayed in his lap for a while. Hopefully one of my girlfriends got a better picture.

Ryan and some of his friends making crafts

one tired baby who could not sleep due to all of the excitement going on around him. Owen was up from 1:30 until almost 8pm with only a very short nap. He was a trooper though.

Birthday Pics...

Here are a few pictures from our fun adventure on Ryan's 2nd birthday!! We are having his party in a few weeks and we are really excited to see our friends and family to celebrate!

Having fun in the ambulance

Digging for fossils

Just picked veggies and driving them home...

And Ryan's favorite thing, the shopping cart. He ran that thing all over the entire museum!

My cupcakes were a total disaster. Luckily the grocery store had some little cakes...this is the one Ryan chose.


Time for some gifts..

Why yes, that is Christmas paper (Ryan did not open all of his Christmas gifts so we held onto a few things then ran out of birthday paper --- oops!)

The big hits...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Comparison Pictures

Some days I think Ryan and Owen have a lot of similarities. Other days I think they look SO different. One thing is for sure, they are both so stinking cute and they both have the chubbiest cheeks!

Oh and they both hate the bumbo seat - well Ryan likes it now but hated it at 4 months!