Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adventures in Cookie Making

Last week I rounded up my little helpers in the kitchen to make some of our favorite chocolate chip cookies.  We don't do the slice and bake variety around here.  We make our cookies from scratch.  Well, maybe from now on we will do slice and bakes.  The boys were beyond excited to start making the cookies when I realized that I had only softened 1/2 of the butter I needed to make the recipe.  Being the quick thinker that I am, I decided to throw the other two sticks of butter on a cookie sheet and put them in my oven (preheated to 350) for just a minute or so to soften.  A minute passed and I decided to give them another minute.  My phone rings, it's my Mom.  She asks her usual questions, dying to know if baby girl has a name yet (no, she doesn't).  I scramble to get the butter out of the oven....it has melted everywhere.  Smoke is billowing out of the oven.  YIKES!!!  Thankfully it was only 80 some degrees and breezy that day.  I opened all the windows, made the kids go out on the deck to play and tried to quickly clean.  

cute little helpers

The boys noticed our cherry tomatoes on the deck.  They picked a few, took bites out of them (all of my cherry tomatoes have teeth marks -- haha) and threw them at each other.  Finally, the smoke cleared and we were able to return to the kitchen to finish our baking.  

As I was spooning the batter onto the cookie sheet, I noticed something red.  Yep, that is a cherry tomato in my cookie dough!  ICK!!  I tried to pick out the tomatoes as I went.  I am still unsure how many wound up in the dough but I am guessing at least 3 or 4.  I guess it is one way to get my picky little eaters to try something new.  

12 minutes later we had delicious cookies to enjoy.  The house was clear of smoke, I had found most of the tomato (I think) and the boys were impatiently waiting for the cookies to cool enough to be enjoyed. 

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