Monday, May 31, 2010


Owen is getting so big! It seems like he is changing so much each and every day now. He is trying so hard to crawl. He is starting to sit on his own for longer periods of time now too.

Now how does this thing work?

Playing with my brother and our tools..

Can't you see we're trying to fix this Mommy...

Captain Adorable!

These have to be the cutest pajamas!!! They are complete with a (removable) cape and all. :)

Summer Treats

There are so many things that I love about summer time. Ryan seems to really enjoy most of these summer time treats as much as I do! Some of them include, fresh strawberries, watermelon and popsicles! These things always seem so much better in summer than any other time of year.

Ryan kept telling me how delicious his pop was. :)

Check out the cool popsicle holder I found!

Yummmmmmy Watermelon!

Owen's First Swim!

Yesterday we discovered some unfortunate news after we had both boys all dressed and ready to go to our community pool. It was broken. We had put up our little blow up pool the day before and both boys played in it instead and had a great time. Owen loved the pool. He was just taking it all in and played for at least 45 minutes. Ryan loved splashing all of us.

I was attempting and failing at capturing a picture of all 3 Abbott boys. Finally I resorted to bribery in the form of a lollipop. Ryan was much more cooperative once he had a delicious pop.

This is delicious...

What do you mean I don't get one?

I was trying to get Ryan to look at the camera

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

7 Months!!!

Owen is 7 months old! I cannot believe how quickly he is growing. Owen is such a happy baby. He is almost always in a great mood --- unless he is tired. He still is not sleeping through the night every night. Most nights he is up at least one time to eat and then goes right back to sleep. Maybe by the time he is 10 he will sleep through the night. Owen has started sleeping on his side. I thought all babies slept on their bellies once they could roll but Owen prefers his side and he will shimmy himself all the way up against the side of his crib on his side. He loves his solid food, loves his Mommy and Daddy and loves to watch Ryan. Owen is getting stronger and stronger every single day. He is getting ever so close to being mobile. YIKES!!

Owen dislikes -- the stroller, getting into his infant seat (we are about to move him to the regular convertible carseat insead), the pacifier and being sleepy.

What happens when you are 7 months old and your Mommy LOVES photography???

Oh no --- where's my pants?!?!

Strawberry Picking

This morning I took the boys to a local farm to pick strawberries. It was great because it was not crowded at all and Ryan had lots of room to run, explore, pick and taste "strawbees". Owen was content in his stroller for a little while. After about 30 minutes he decided that he had enough! Lucky for us 30 minutes was plenty of time to pick two huge buckets of strawberries! The strawberries are so delicious! Ryan and I made some strawberry freezer pops (we will eat those tomorrow) and strawberry shortcakes tonight for dessert.

Ryan LOVED the farm. Between the rocks, sticks, mud and dirt, room to run and all-you-can-eat strawberries he was in heaven!

Owen early on...excited to learn that he can pick strawberries next year.

A little later on when he learned that he cannot actually eat strawberries yet.

a little tuckered out after running around in the sun for an hour...

Solid Foods

Owen has been eating solid (well pureed) food for a little while now. We started him on rice cereal around 5 and a half months. He was not interested at all so we just held off. In the past few weeks he has decided that food is good! He finishes off everything we give him now and he would probably even take more if it were offered. At first he didn't seem to like anything and made a "what the heck" face every time he took a bite. Now he seems to enjoy the food and tries to attack the spoon, whether it is peas, carrots, apples, or sweet potatoes. He really does seem to like it all.

Earlier this week we started puffs. They are similar to a Cheerio but dissolve even faster. It takes some serious concentration on his part, but he can get those little things into his mouth.

I have some great pictures of Owen eating peas but I cannot find them. :(

(isn't he the cutest????)

Catching Up...

I have been meaning to blog a few pictures for quite a while. I had a few from this same day that I had already blogged but then I didn't get around to the rest. Anyway...Jeff was off this random Friday and we just had the most wonderful family day. Jeff has been trying to take more pictures of me with the boys since we really don't have any at all. One of the drawbacks of being a photographer!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mr. Clean

Ryan loves to clean. He loves to help with the dishes. He asks to vacuum and sweep the floors. It is hilarious to me. I hope he always wants to help this much. I just have to document the proof so that I can show him when he is 14 that he used to be such a big helper.

Oh and then I tried and failed miserably to get a picture of R & O together. FAIL! Owen is very grabby right now and he is constantly trying to grab whatever he can get his hands on. The other day he just about yanked out a wad of Ryan's hair. I think Ryan is a little skiddish right now.

Come on brother, I just want to give you hugs...

so I smacked your face instead, oops!

Look, It's Sheriff Woody!

For Ryan's birthday this year, Jordan & Lance found him the most awesome pajamas ever. I finally got around to the Disney store last week to check to see if they had a bigger size because I was afraid that Ryan would only be able to wear the size 2 once or twice and that would be it. Lucky for me they had only 1 pair left in the entire store. It was a size 4 but didn't look too big so I swapped it out. Ryan has plenty of growing room which is great because the boots are more like thigh-highs right now. But he will get to be Sheriff Woody for a long time to come!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Funny things Ryan says

So Ryan has been saying some of the cutest and funniest things here lately. I want to use this blog to document some of them so that I remember.

Last week while Owen was playing in his exersaucer, Ryan was trying to show Owen how to play with one of the toys. Owen kept trying to put the toy into his mouth because he puts everything into his mouth. Ryan immediately starts saying, "Oh no! Oh no! He eat it!" "Oh no! Oh no! He's hungry!" Jeff and I immediately started laughing because it was so cute. Then Ryan says "Ryan's funny!" Even cuter.

For the past few days Ryan has been battling a cold. I have been trying to give him extra fluid. He is getting a very rare treat, juice. He now loves orange and cranberry juice and finds them to be the biggest treat in the world. I think they might even be ranked higher than cookies right now. Anyway, I gave Ryan a cup of 1/2 juice 1/2 water and a few minutes later he was hysterically crying. I ran into the other room and asked him what was wrong. Through big sobs he says "Ryan spilled" "Ryan made mess" "Neeeeddddd nakin" I told him we could get a napkin to clean up his mess. He said in his pitiful sad voice "Ok". When we went to go clean up the mess there was literally one drop of juice on the floor. The paper towel did not even get wet that is how little juice was on the floor. I couldn't help but find it funny that he had a complete meltdown about losing one tiny speck of his precious juice. And that the only way it could be any better is if he got to clean up his mess!

Ryan has really gotten into music here lately. When Nana flew here back in April she bought him a CD of his favorite band. Yes, Ryan has a favorite band at the age of 2. So now if we want to encourage him to get ready we just ask him if he wants to listen to his music and he starts trying to get ready faster. He will then run to the door and wait for us to get out to the car. See --- the music only works in the CAR for some reason. (I wonder how long we will be able to get away with that one?) As soon as each song ends, Ryan yells out Yaaaaaaayy, claps then says "Next song, it coming" It is SO cute the way his little voice gets so high when he says coming. He never misses a song. Each and every time one song ends he starts with that phrase.

Ryan -- you are so sweet and so cute. I love you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Return of the doorway jumper!!!

I finally got out the doorway jumper last week! Owen LOVES it. I guess I need to do another
"jump around" video. :)