Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Three weeks ago Little Brother moved in with his Big Brother.  A whole new adventure started as he graduated from the crib to the toddler bed.  He actually transitioned really well.  I think that having a big brother in there with him really helped to teach him what he was supposed to do.  Nap time is usually really easy as the boys go down with no issue.  They wake a bit earlier than I would like but that is ok.  Night time takes them much longer to settle.  They love to play, wrestle, jump, read and do pretty much anything they can get away with.  They don't come out of the room but they are definitely up to something for at least an hour every single night before silence fills the air.  I know those moments with the two of them together are very important for the boys.  Their bond grows stronger by the day.  The Mr. and I sit and listen to the sound of giggles on the monitor and wonder what they are really doing.  We only intervene if there is crying or loud crashes (canvas art falling off the walls, jumping off the beds, curtains ripping out of the walls) --- which happens too.

One morning Big Brother woke a few minutes early so I ran into the room to snap a few pictures of Little Brother before he actually got out of bed.  I was working with very poor light and didn't want to use the flash so excuse the blurred images.  


what are you doing here?

hello bed head!

Time to go play Mommy!

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Jenny said...

SO sweet Shannon!