Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Several weeks ago I decided that we needed a little more structure and routine in our schedule.  The boys really love routines and knowing what is coming next.  I also knew that I wanted to introduce the idea of chores and have the boys start to understand that we are a family.  A family that works together to get jobs done and where everyone has responsibility.  Our first chore of the week was mopping the floor.  I tried to come up with a task that the boys would enjoy that would also actually help me out.  I gave Big Brother a spray bottle with a little vinegar and mostly water and both kids a clean sponge and put them to work.  They really loved their chore and I made sure to provide them with plenty of praise for a job well done.  Big Brother now asks every day what his chores are, he knows that after chores come activities and fun for the day so he is anxious to get them done!

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