Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I made this video quite a long time ago, probably around Ryan's 1st birthday. For some reason it never made it to the blog. I hope you enjoy a photo collage of some of our favorite pictures from Ryan's first year!

Friday, September 25, 2009

One Smart Cookie...

So yesterday Jeff taught Ryan the number three. This morning Ryan and I were playing around and he decided to start saying two and then three. I had to get it on video as soon as possible because it is just too cute. Ryan amazes me so much each and every single day.

Then ---- we were making lunch and Ryan grabs one of his letters saying "j" and handed it to me. I was shocked when I looked down and it was actually the letter J! I decided to move the letters all around, I mixed them up and put about 8 of them on the fridge. Then I asked Ryan to find the J...just watch. He is SO SMART!!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Boy!

We had Ryan's 18 month appointment today and he is getting SO BIG!! Ryan grew 2 full inches since his 15 month appointment and gained almost 3 full pounds! He is now 33.25 inches and 27 lbs exactly. Ryan is considered average height and weight. He has been following the 50th percentile curve for quite a while now.

The doctor said that he is absolutely perfect, but we already knew that. She was also very surprised with all of his talking. He was going on and on the whole time we were there, showing and telling her parts of his body, listening to her give him directions (like open the door and shut the door) and making animal sounds. Ryan goes back for his next check up when he is 2 years old. We will be going there for checkups for Baby Boy 2 in the meantime though. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun at Cox Farms...

This morning we took a trip down to Cox Farms for their Fall Festival. They had lots of fun family things to do. Ryan got to see cows, pigs and piglets (just born yesterday), feed goats, go on big slides, pick out his own pumpkin, play and run like crazy! We were going to go on a hay ride but there was a big sign that said it might be too bumpy for expectant mothers and Jeff said no way. We have too much to do still before B2 arrives so we better not risk going into labor by choosing to go on a hayride. LOL I am supposed to go on a hayride in about a month and I know from experience that one IS bumpy! Maybe then it will be "ok" according to Jeff. :)

Picture overload coming....
Saying hi to the big gorilla..

blowing him kisses..

Out of focus, but still VERY cute!

Going down a giant slide with Daddy...

Seriously, it was big!

Time to feed the goats...

They are funny...

Really funny...

Checking out the cows...

Future train conductor...

Ryan greeted all the other children that got on his train car with a big "Hi!" He is SO friendly...

Waving Hi to Mommy...

Ryan and Daddy in the great big yellow chair...

Picking out his pumpkin...

Ryan loved having his picture taken in the pumpkin patch...

so cute!

laughing at Daddy...


Ryan and Mommy (34 weeks pregnant)..

Time to go...Ryan waves bye..

Snoozing in the car...

Catching Up...

Here are some pictures that I have been meaning to post but just keep forgetting about. We have been SUPER busy lately. We are trying to enjoy as much family time as possible with a family of three and getting ready to be a family of FOUR!!!! We had Ryan's first soccer class yesterday morning but I forgot to put the memory card into the camera --- oh well, more pictures next week! :)

Enjoying a cartoon in bed with Daddy...

Playing with his two favorites for now (the drum and the train)

He loves to push the trains on the track and does pretty well keeping them on the tracks...

His favorite thing -- the tunnels!!

Saying "choo-choo"

Ok Mom, I think you got enough pictures for now -- at least let me get some pants on before you take more...

Monday, September 14, 2009

18 Months!

Ryan is 18 months old!!! Every month I say this but WOW, time is going by so fast. Ryan amazes us every single day with all that he is doing and learning.

He loves to climb on pretty much anything now. I am wondering how much longer it will be before he actually starts trying to climb out of his crib.

Ryan is such a wonderful blessing in our lives. I am so thankful that we were chosen to be his parents. He has changed our lives so much and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Ryan is such a great helper. He loves to do whatever we are doing, even if it is helping us clean, put away laundry or groceries. He also has started letting us know when he is ready to go nigh-nigh. He will say nigh-nigh and make a beeline for the stairs. He doesn't want to read stories or anything when we get upstairs, he just wants to get in his bed.

Ryan Loves:
Mickey Mouse (he can say all the names of the characters on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse too)
Chocolate Milk (he has only had it a few times because he does not stop for air when he has yummy chocolate milk)
Freeze dried mangos from Trader Joes
His blankie/lovey
Playing outside
Going nigh-nigh

Ryan doesn't love:
Riding in the shopping cart - he would rather walk
Beef (unless it is a hot dog)
Being told no

A trip down memory lane...
Ryan's birthday..

Two months:

Three Months:

Four Months:

Five Months:

Six months:

Seven months:
Eight Months:

Nine Months:

Ten Months:

11 months:

12 months:

13 months:

14 months:

15 months:

16 months:

17 months: