Tuesday, August 9, 2011

County Fair

A couple of weeks ago we took the boys out to the county fair to see a demolition derby.  They weren't too sure what was going on at first but both of them ended up really enjoying it!  After the first couple of rounds were over, we started to leave.  Big Brother decided that he really wanted to ride some rides.  He begged and pleaded to ride a roller coaster.  We walked over to it, asked him again if he was sure he wanted to ride, made sure he was tall enough then went to buy tickets.  He and one other little boy (probably at least 7 or 8 years old) got on the roller coaster for their ride.  The second the ride took off, Big Brother started crying.  :(  The coaster made two quick laps with a screaming 3 year-old before the attendant stopped the ride for him to get off.  Big Brother quickly recovered and decided to spend the rest of his tickets on much tamer rides.  

not sure what to expect

cheering for the winner!

brave little boy ready for his ride

so focused on turning left.  Grandpa J -- this could be your racer!!!

he LOVED the cars!

why did it stop?

did a little fishing

I don't think he had fun...at all


Jenny said...

LOL, We went to one of the local county fairs here too and Lily went on that same roller coaster, I think. Was it the dragon? She LOVED it...definitely my dare devil :) Not much phases her-*gulp!


Shannon said...

Yep...same dragon. I think the take-off scared him. He was done from that moment on.