Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day and Owen turns 2 months old!!!!!

Check out the loot Santa left for Ryan and Owen!!!!

The stockings (I LOVE stockings)..

Ryan LOVED his train. He kept saying WOW and WOAH over and over..

Ryan played with his train the entire day...

Happy 2-month birthday!!!

a little tummy time..

Mommy it's Christmas, please don't make me..

Ryan loved his play food from Nana and Papa.

Being silly..

Future Rockstar?

So darn cute and looking more like a big boy than ever before!

2 of my loves..

The best family pic we got.

Christmas '08

My what a difference 2 years makes...

Such a blessing...

Christmas came early this year for Jeff and me. Our gift was more perfect than anything we ever could have asked for.

look at those LONG eye lashes...

He looks so much like Ryan when you cover up the hair...

Just for fun I tried to get a picture of Ryan and Owen together -- I am hoping to have more luck with this task in the future. So far it has ended up as a failure each and every time. Oh well --- makes for some good memories and funny pictures.

The best shot I got (check out Owen's little bald spot)

Cookies for Santa

On Christmas Eve Ryan and I baked cookies for Santa. We made plain sugar cookies (from scratch) which were excellent and then decorated the cookies with icing and sprinkles. Ryan loved putting the sprinkles on the cookies and eating as many as I would let him have.

He had to try out a cookie for himself

and some sprinkles!

Ryan's reaction when I told him the cookies we decorated were for Santa and we could not eat them...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

O Christmas Tree..

This year we decided that with a very curious 21-month old that we would not put as many ornaments on our tree as we normally do. We placed very few ornaments within Ryan's reach and all of them that he could reach are non-breakable ones. Ryan loves our tree. He loves helping me turn on the lights every morning by saying "ready, set, go and then tada". He also loves pointing out different parts of the tree.

Here are a few of our favorites that we talk about every day...

Santa -- he says "Ho, ho" (according to Ryan)


the star or "tar"

We put red, gold and green plastic balls that look like glass balls around the bottom of our tree. Ryan loves to point out the colors over and over although gold is yellow around here.

Every year growing up my parents bought us Hallmark ornaments. When we moved out on our own we received our ornament collection. Jeff and I have decided to continue that tradition for our boys.

Owen's ornament...

Ryan's ornament...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Fun!

This past weekend we were hit with the biggest snow storms to hit this area in many, many years. For Jeff and I it was also the most snow either one of us had ever seen!!! We didn't have a measuring device but from the looks of things and from local measurements we guess we were right around the 2 foot mark!!!!

We had fun playing in the snow and even more fun watching Ryan react to it. Sunday we spent about 3 hours shoveling our cars out of the snow. I wish I had taken more pictures of just how buried they were. I could not believe that they could get buried like that in such a short period of time.

Enjoy the many pictures I have posted below. I also have a video and I apologize in advance for laughing in the background. All I could think of when Ryan would get stuck was that kid from a Christmas Story.


Ryan stepping out into the snow for the first time...

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woah that's a lot of snow..

dig, dig, dig...

Hi Mommy...

Going for a ride...

I'm stuck...

past Mommy's knees and still falling..

Family pic! (minus Owen who was warm and toasty and sleeping inside)

watching Daddy shovel again...

And the digging out began...

Somewhere under all that snow is Jeff's car. Mine is next to his over to the left.

getting ready to sled down the hill..

Snow Mountain

cute Ryan warm inside...