Tuesday, March 24, 2009

12 Month Check-Up

We had Ryan's 12 month well visit this morning.  The nurses were just eating Ryan up the moment we walked in the door.  They were all playing with him and Ryan of course was loving it.  He turned his flirting way up and really made everyone's morning.  I guess Ryan made quite an impression on the staff because when the doctor walked in she said that she heard the cutest baby boy in the world was in the room...she agreed.  :)  

Ryan weighed in at 23lbs 8oz (50th percentile) and measured 30.5in (50th - 75th percentile).  We discovered that Ryan had a minor ear infection so they decided to put him on an antibiotic and postpone his shots until he is off of the medicine.  

The doctor also told us to use up any formula we had left and then to switch completely to whole milk!  I am hoping for a smooth transition.  She also encouraged us to keep Ryan's car seat rear facing until at least 18 months as it is safer for babies to ride rear-facing.  

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Texas Trip

We are still trying to recover from our busy 10-day trip to Texas.  Jeff didn't get to stay the entire time because he had to return to work, but Ryan and I made the best out of our time.  We had a great time celebrating Ryan's first birthday, enjoying time with family, playing at the park and going to the zoo.  Please enjoy the pictures from our trip!!

Playing piano with my Dada

Mama let me try chocolate ice cream..it was YUMMY!!!

GQ baby

Papa's police car...


Z is for Zoo!

On St. Patty's day we loaded up some of the family and headed to the Ft. Worth Zoo.  Little did we realize that most of the schools in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area were out on spring break that week.  The Ft. Worth Zoo is a major attraction and since the weather was very nice it should have come as no surprise that the zoo was packed!  It was very difficult to get around but that did not seem to phase Ryan at all.  He loved watching the monkeys swing around and got to experience his first carousel ride.  Maybe next time we will actually ride on the horse on the carousel.   

Catchin' a ride with Grandpa J...

The family at the zoo..

Watching NeeNee (Sydnee) ride the horse...

Mommy this is fun...

Ryan's First Birthday!!!!

While we were in Texas, we celebrated Ryan's first birthday.  We were able to see just about everyone in the family and we had a Onederful time!  Ryan loved his cake(s) and all of the gifts he received.  We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate this special day with.  :)

Enjoy the slideshow and some of our favorite pictures below...

Easter Party

Yesterday one of the Moms in our group hosted an Easter Party complete with an Easter Bunny and egg hunt.  Ryan was very interested in the Easter Bunny.  He would squeal with delight when he saw the bunny.  Then Ryan would go to the bunny and pet his fur and try to figure out what that big bunny was.  Ryan did a great job hunting eggs.  He picked up the eggs and immediately placed them into his Easter bag.  We had so much fun at the party and took a ton of pictures.  Enjoy the slideshow below.  

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The adventure begins...Letter F!

F is for Farm!  

Since today was such a beautiful day we decided to head down to a local farm.  They had a few animals that recently had babies!  Jeff and I know that as Ryan grows he will enjoy the farm even more.  Ryan seemed fascinated with the sheep.  He also really enjoyed checking out the cows.  In another month there will be piglets out running around at the farm.  We had so much fun today!!  

Our picnic lunch..

Daddy...where are these animals you were talking about??

Checking out the sheep!  They are funny looking...

The mommy sheep with her lamb..

Deep in thought watching a horse..

Talking about cows with Daddy..

One letter down, 25 to go! 

Our ABC Adventures...

Last year I ran across this idea of the abc adventures.  Basically you try to go somewhere or do something that corresponds with every letter of the alphabet.  We are not going to do the adventures in alphabetical order.  We are going to attempt one adventure each weekend.  Jeff and I have come up with a lot of ideas so far but there are a few letters that we are still working on.  Stay tuned....

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

It may sound a bit self-centered to write a blog about my birthday as I am the author of this blog.  However -- this birthday was special!  It was my very first birthday as a Mommy.  I am certain that it was the most wonderful birthday ever.  Not only did I have two wonderful men to spend my day with, the weather was fantastic, and tonight is daylight savings time --- more daylight!! YAY!!  Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy day.  It was truly special!! 

My day started off with a fabulous surprise from Jeff and Ryan.....

I have been wanting this camera for a long time but could never justify the expense.  Thank you SO much Jeff!!! 

Then we ventured out to enjoy the beautiful day.  We decided today was the perfect day to begin our new ABC adventures (blog and pictures to follow).  We are SO excited about the ABC adventures and may actually try it in the future if this year goes well.  

Shortly after our return home, we were greeted at the door with this...(Thank you Penni & Paul)

Ryan loved the fruit...

Thanks for the yummy fruit!!!

Oh and because my new camera just plain ROCKS!! Baby feet...(fyi --- not my hairy leg) LOL

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!!

Today we had perhaps the biggest snowfall that we have witnessed in Virginia.  We woke up to approximately 5 or so inches and it kept snowing for most of the morning.  Unfortunately Ryan had a mild fever so we decided to keep him inside just in case.  If you notice all of the drool on his clothes though --- it is possible that he may actually be teething.  We are not totally sure though.  

Taking his pup-pup for a ride..

Ryan LOVES to read.  He will play with his books for a very long time -- longer than any other toy.  He doesn't always want us to read to him though.  He would rather turn the pages and read aloud to himself.  We just aren't sure what he is saying.  :)

A day at the park

Last Thursday we had a very nice and warm February day.  Ryan and I ventured out to a local park with some of our friends.  We have been so blessed to meet many wonderful Moms and babies through my Mom's group.  I have a feeling we will have many more days like this to come! 

The kiddos...

Ryan and Dylan (Dylan has had at least 3 hair cuts...Ryan is jealous)

Moms of the boys...

Ryan became obsessed with climbing the slide...he didn't get very far though. 

Fun with food...

It is no secret, Ryan loves to eat.  Lately he has started to become upset if we are eating and he is not.  Even if he just finished his own food.  Ryan is constantly after our plates, coffee cups or anything else he can get his hands on.  Usually Ryan is a pretty neat eater.  He gets 97% of the food in his mouth.  Some nights though he makes a huge mess and has fun in the process.  The past couple of weeks we have started introducing Ryan to all kinds of new foods.  Some have really surprised us (either with him liking or not liking them).  

A few of Ryan's new foods...
broccoli --- he LOVES it.  
black olive --- he loved it too.
pita bread with hummus - you guessed it, he loved that as well. 
lima beans - he spits them out.  (It's ok because Mommy hates lima beans too!)
egg yolks - won't even touch them (again..Mommy thinks the yolks are gross too!)
black eyed peas - LOVES them

Below are a few things that we have let Ryan taste.  Surprisingly (or not so much) he gobbled everything right up! 
Vanilla pudding
Chicken Parmesan 
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream (he actually got mad because Jeff only let him have 2 tiny tastes) 

Enjoy a couple pictures of Ryan making a HUGE mess with his rice..

He was having so much fun that he started clapping and saying what sounded like Yay!  

Shutterfly Updates

Our February pictures have been added to the Shutterfly share site.  Please use the link on the side or click here to see.