Friday, June 19, 2009

Yummy Watermelon

So I have a confession --- well two.  First, I LOVE watermelon in the summer time.  Secondly, I have always enjoyed taking pictures.  Since the birth of Ryan my enjoyment of photography has become more of an obsession or passion.  For my birthday Jeff bought me a fancy camera.  As a gift to myself next month I am going to take a photography class.  Then after that I am going to take a photoshop class (since I have photoshop but don't really know how to use it).  Anyway I am really getting into the photography but am very amateur and need to get some more basics under my belt.  

Yesterday I was in a very picture happy mood and took lots of pictures of Ryan as he stuffed his face with watermelon.  Evidently he enjoys watermelon as much as his pregnant, craving mama. 

One of my favorites!!!!  Oh and that is not sweat on Ryan's head, he had been splashing in some rain water. 

So....once I get my classes under my belt and take a few thousand more pictures I am considering doing family photography as a small side project because I love it so much! :)  We will see how all that works out.  

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you take the Powell family portrait as test run if you want...I bet they'd be really good :)