Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Future Artist?

In the past couple of weeks we decided to let Ryan attempt to color again.  Before all he wanted to do was eat the crayons so we thought it best to put them away for another month or so.  Well last week Ryan started scribbling.  Thank goodness the crayons are VERY washable because he got a little bit of red crayon on the floor.  

Ryan was very entertained with the colors.  I thought I was in the clear so I left Ryan by himself for a moment while I refilled my water and grabbed my camera.  I came back and looked around and saw no further marks on the floor so we resumed coloring/picture taking.  Once Ryan went down for his nap and I started to actually clean up the art supplies I noticed a black crayon scribble on the wall!  I actually haven't wiped it off yet --- for one it is hard to find unless you know where it is plus we are getting ready to repaint the kitchen area anyway.  :) 

Which color should I use?

This is fun...



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