Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a.....

BOY!!!  Jeff and I are beyond excited to know that Ryan will be getting a little brother in October!  There was definitely no denying that B2 is all boy.  I am excited about silly things like dressing them alike (not every single day), watching them play together, watching Ryan teach his little brother all kinds of things about the world and most importantly hearing another sweet little boy call me mama.  :)  

I will post ultrasound pictures once we get back from the beach!!  I am packing the baby names book so we can work on that one as well.  We would like to actually have a name when we get to the hospital this time instead of trying to figure it out once our son is born.  We are open to suggestions --- keep in mind that Jeff is quite picky (not that it is a bad thing).  

YAY for boys!  

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