Wednesday, June 3, 2009

18 weeks

as a comparison photo - here I am at 19 weeks pregnant with Ryan

The belly is growing!  I am now about 18.5 weeks along.  Things have been going really well ---- I am feeling good, lots of energy and able to keep up with Ryan for now.  I have been feeling B2 kick, move and shake on a fairly regular basis.  Next Tuesday morning we go for our "big ultrasound".  They should be able to tell us if B2 is a boy or girl at that time.  I have no feelings one way or the other this time and I honestly will be thrilled either way!  It would be so easy for B2 to be a boy since we already have so many cute clothes, but it would be tons of fun to have a little girl as well.  That said --- since Ryan was born I have envisioned myself with a house-full of little boys.  

I am still fitting into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I did order a few new tops and shorts this week though.  I think it is very funny that by 18 weeks with Ryan I was definitely in maternity clothes and this time I still fit comfortably into clothes I wore before I got pregnant with him.  :) 

B2 is currently about the length of a bell pepper (5.5 inches).  

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Penni said...

It is a GIRL!!