Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated Jeff's 2nd Father's Day this past weekend.  We actually celebrated the entire weekend instead of just one day.  :)  We took Jeff to breakfast on Saturday and then had a day of fun.  We finished up the evening by attending a local town concert and having some delicious cake.  Sunday we gave Jeff his Father's Day gift (a framed picture collection and golf lessons), went to lunch, played at the park, played in the sand box at home and cooked dinner on the grill.  It was a nice day that could have only been made better if we would have been able to celebrate with our dads too!  

Thank you so much Jeff for being such a wonderful husband and father.  You work so very hard to provide the absolute best for your family.  You are an incredible role model for our son and for our little one on the way.  I love you!  

Here are the pictures that we framed for Jeff for his gift...

Here are some pics from the weekend...

Ryan and Jeff in their "rally caps"

So sweet...

Wait Daddy --- I want your hat..

At the park --- Ryan is such a big boy now and wants to do everything by himself.  He even slides down the slide all by himself.  He is so grown up! 

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