Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Fun

Yesterday was another busy day for Ryan.  We started off meeting some of our friends at 8:30a to play at a playground which turned out to be closed.  Bummer.  We let the kiddos run around for a little while then we came home for Ryan's nap.  After his nap we headed off to gymnastics class.  Ryan really seems to enjoy going to gymnastics.  He is able to run around and climb on pretty much everything.  After gymnastics we went to lunch with Ryan's friends (and my mommy friends) and then took the kiddos to play at the playground.  Jeff left work early and when he got home Ryan was just waking up from his afternoon nap.  We decided to go to a local water feature (literally 5 minutes from our house).  Ryan had so much fun!  We then put sand into his sand and water table and Ryan had a blast!!!  Ryan loves to be busy and so do I! :) 

Is it wrong to laugh when the water sprays your curious child in the face??  He didn't seem to mind.  

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Penni said...

Look at those beautiful teeth. Such a sweet smile.