Thursday, July 7, 2011


Ok so I am constantly behind on the blog.  I currently have 14 posts on a piece of paper that I need to blog about.  YIKES!!  I am sure that there are even more than that but my brain can only handle so much.  Anyway I will start with another post of what we have been up to lately.  All pics from my phone.

First up, we made homemade donuts.  Donuts are tricky with Ryan's allergy but we made these from biscuits.  The boys loved them!  

Owen watches Ryan like a hawk and does everything that Ryan does.  Ryan is very patient and rarely gets frustrated with Owen.  I can't imagine having someone copy every little thing I did all day long, but I love watching the two of them interact. 

Loved it! 

On Father's Day the boys made a sand table.  We had to venture out to Lowe's to get play sand for our new table.  Ryan pulled the wagon himself.  Those were 50lb bags each!!!!  

Of course Owen wanted to try to pull the wagon too. 

Monkey went with us...he goes everywhere with us now though. 

Then we stopped at Mickey and Donald's as Ryan calls it for a frozen treat!

forget the spoon...

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful Father!  Watching my boys together is one of the greatest parts of my day! 

Then I got on a roll working on things around here.  I sanded down the table and applied several coats of blue paint.  

gosh he's cute!

and strong!

They LOVE the sand table! 

Ry also loves his glasses and makes sure that he has them on most of the time! 

Lounging on Mommy and Daddy's bed! 

Water time!

another thing I have been doing in my free time, sewing!  I am learning but feel like I am making major progress!!!

Love them! 

We stayed at an awesome hotel in PA when we went to Dutch Wonderland.  It was very family friendly and FUN, fun, fun!!!

look @ that chunky arm!


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