Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer List Double Check - Zoo & Sno-Cone

While Nana was in town for her visit, we made a trip to DC to visit the National Zoo.  The boys had a great time!  Ryan and Owen LOVED the monkeys (and apes).  I think we could have just visited that exhibit and they would have been more than happy.  Ryan and Owen had a delicious strawberry sno-cone and shared some cherry lemonade with Nana.  We ate our picnic lunch in the car on the way home since it was so hot!  It was a great day (even though I have very few pictures of Mr. O!).

checking out the gorillas.  They were SO close to us!!!

yummy sno-cone!!!

Ryan mesmerized by the Orangutang, Nana hoping that nothing showered down upon them!

following the elephant footprints

spinning some elephant poop at a poop exhibit.  He thought it was pretty funny!!

checking out some monkeys!

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