Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4th of July

We had the most wonderful 4th of July.  One of the things that I love about living in this area is that the 4th of July is a major event.  There are all kinds of festivals and celebrations the entire weekend.  It is a little known fact that July 4th is one of my absolute favorite holidays of the entire year.  I love the gathering of friends and family, summer weather, cook-outs, fireworks, celebrations and well just about everything about the holiday!!!

One thing that I was slightly unsure of this year was the fireworks.  In October of last year we made a trip to Disney.  To say that the fireworks shows were traumatic for Big Brother would be a huge understatement.  Anytime he talked about fireworks from then on he made sure to say that they were scary.  The Mr. and I decided to get him to try some noise blocking earphones to see if that helped.  My son went from hiding in the house or behind a tree when the fireworks came on to begging for more (every single night).  If your child seems timid or scared of the fireworks, try out some earphones!  The Mr. bought the ones in the tool department of Home Depot, the best $18 we could have spent!

Little Brother loved the fireworks

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asking for more more more!!!

Big Brother before, hiding behind the tree -- made my heart break for him.

no day is complete without a little chase!

chase is the most fun when Daddy plays

then he gets tackled

summer list - check - s'mores!

getting ready for more fireworks with the neighbors!

can you believe that I sewed those shorts?!?!?!?!!?  and they fit! :)

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