Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer List - Dutch Wonderland!

Last week we made a quick trip up to Dutch Wonderland.  We stayed at a fantastic, family-friendly hotel.  One that I would absolutely recommend and stay at again and again.  The boys probably enjoyed the hotel and accommodations more than Dutch Wonderland.  We bought a preview pass so we could go to the park 3 hours before closing and then have regular admission the next day.  I am glad that we went ahead and got that ticket since it was the same price as regular park admission.  

Ryan has recently started a phase where things are "scary" or he is "scared."  Since he is in the midst of this phase he would not ride many rides at all.  He enjoyed the train, the bull dozers and a few other things at the park.  Owen on the other hand had a great time and was open to riding just about anything he was able to!

We didn't push the issue.  We let Ryan ride what he wanted to ride and we just took it easy and enjoyed our time together.  :)  I am sure we will head that way again next summer...but with 3 kids! YIKES!!!

kind of blurry -- Ryan said he wanted to ride the slide.  Once was enough for him...not a fan. 

LOVED the slide!!!!  Went on several rides.  :) 

Loved this one too!!!   Both boys enjoyed the bull dozers many times each. 

Big boy Owen rode the Pandas all by himself!!! He loved it! 

The only picture with me in it from our entire vacation.  :(

riding in a buggy in Amish country. 

Sky ride.  Ryan said he REALLY wanted to ride it.  Then he got on and I snapped this one! oops!  He really did enjoy it though. 

Owen loved the big, huge airplane!

Giant water slide ride, both boys said they wanted to ride it and both did!  Not sure either one of them actually enjoyed it though! 

Ryan loved the sprayground!!! His favorite part of Dutch Wonderland was the "water playground" and he would have stayed there the entire time if we would have let him! 

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