Friday, July 15, 2011

So big, so brave!

Ryan loves going to the playground.  He has specific names for each playground that we go to that he has made up.  We have had to try and learn each one because his name for it isn't the actual name of the playground.  His favorite one right now is the "stump" playground.  I have no idea where he came up with the name.  They do have a chair there that is carved out of a tree stump so maybe that is it?

Anyway since Nana was here and we had an extra set of hands at the playground, I had a great opportunity to photograph the boys.  Usually this task is quite difficult because Owen tries to go step for step with Ryan and Ryan is trying to keep up with everything that he sees the big kids doing.

climbing up high

this is where he actually realized how high up he was.
he took one final step and was so proud of himself!

telling me about how he found coconuts (in the trees) with the telescope

Love this.  Jeff is a great husband.  The best.  He is an even better father.
The boys are so blessed to have him.
They adore him and love spending time with their Daddy!

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