Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Fluppy Dog!

A week or so ago we took the boys to the Build A Bear Workshop for the first time. We let Ryan pick and make the animal he wanted. His choice, a very soft and cuddly dog. He was a little confused at first, and mainly wanted to push these sound buttons -- his favorite being the Star Wars theme song. I believe that you put the little sounds into the animals paw and press it later...we opted for an animal with no sounds. ;)

I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped to get. I also realized that I don't need to carry my professional camera with me on these outings because when I switch it to the auto mode it really annoys me. Random focal points, horrible lighting and takes up a ton of room...time to get a little point and shoot!

Not sure what to think when he was filling up the dog with stuffing. I am pretty certain he was wondering what exactly the lady was doing to his puppy!

Bath time --- Ryan loved this part and would have bathed his puppy for an hour if we would have let him. He liked brushing the dog, and drying him off with a blowdryer. I got no good pictures of this event...

Then it was on to naming dog. Ryan picked the name "Puppy Dog" or at least that is what we thought he chose to name him. Little did we know that we put the wrong name on the birth certificate, his name is actually FLUPPY dog. I wonder how much it costs to get a name change form?

Proud of his new puppy..he loves Fluppy's house too!

He wanted to carry Fluppy home just like this..

Loving on his two favorites, Fluppy and monkey.

Fluppy has been right by Ryan's side since he came home. He eats with us at the dinner table, he has been added to the animal collection that Ryan sleeps with, he is Ryan's tv watching buddy and I must say he is the easiest puppy we have ever had!

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