Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Disney Trip

I am way behind on blogging. At the beginning of October we took a week-long trip to Disney World with Jeff's parents. We decided to drive for a variety of reasons. The drive down was not bad at all but the drive back frankly sucked. The kids did great but we were gone for 10 nights and I was just ready to be back in my own bed. We broke the drive up into 2 days and it really was not bad at all -- just seemed like we were never going to get home.

The boys had a wonderful time in Disney and I think that Jeff and I had an even better time than they did! Ryan loved everything about the Magic Kingdom except for the loud fireworks shows. We tired him out every single day by 1pm. It only took 3 weeks of being back home for him to stop asking to go to "Mickey Park" 3 or 4 times a day. Now he likes to look at all the pictures we took on the trip instead and talk about all of the things he did while he was at Mickey Park. Owen was a trooper and as usual was in a great mood the entire time.

Here are a few favorite pictures from the trip. We are already thinking about when we will go back. Next time though we will stay on the Disney property in a hotel that has quick access (boat or monorail) to the Magic Kingdom.

Ryan met Pluto the moment we walked into MK for the first time. He was SO excited that we had to hold him back in line.

Ryan's first glimpse of "Mickey's Castle"

Mid-air on the rocket ships, one of Ryan's favorite rides

Waiting on the train at the Animal Kingdom

Pluto was the hardest working character at Disney, we saw him several times a day, every day.

Our date night, we cancelled our dinner reservation in favor of a night out at Magic Kingdom

Fun night at Mickey's Not-So Scary Halloween Party and Ryan's FAVORITE ride, Dumbo.

I love all the pictures with the castle in the background.


Mickey Ears!

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