Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ryan's Favorites...

I don't think I have done a post like this in quite a while.  

Banana - he knows where they are in the kitchen and will point to them when he really wants one!
Gerber Lil Crunchies - I have to keep these away because he LOVES them.  They look like mini cheeto puffs. 

Blue blankie 
Snack Trap - Ryan will scream at you if you even act like you are going to take it away. 
Stuffed monkey - he laughs at it and talks to him in the crib - very cute. 

Stacking Cups
Blocks - the shaped kind that you have to get in the right slot for them to go into the container
Cell phone - must be real and working (we had some unusual charges on our statement this month thanks to Ryan)
Car keys - becomes a slight problem when it is actually time for us to use the keys to drive. 

Spot Sleeps Over - or any flip book
I Love you Through and Through
Any touch and feel type book

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