Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Mother's Day 2008...

Mother's Day 2009 - this is the best pic we got and Ryan's eyes are shut! LOL

Mother's Day this year was WONDERFUL!!!  Jeff and Ryan cooked my dinner, gave me some sweet cards and a lovely spa gift card to my favorite spa.  After Ryan's morning nap we went out to a family lunch and then down to a brand new park.  We came home and walked around the neighborhood, Jeff grilled dinner (my favorite), and I put Ryan's pool together for some fun times outside.  We finished the night off with a very tired baby, lots of cuddles and lots of stories.  It doesn't get any better than this!!! 

Ryan was SO excited to try out his pool...he didn't even wait for me to finish airing it up...

Ryan was watching me air up the pool and decided he wanted to help.  He did such a great job and was a fantastic helper!

YAY!!!  Pool time!

Can you see my tooth??

Splash, Splash, Splash

This was so fun Mommy...when can we do it again?


Penni said...

That camera is awesome, catching the water in mid air like that. I can see his tooth really well. So cute.

Erin Nickell said...

These pictures are so cute, he looks like he loves his pool!