Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Day at the Park

Ryan and I absolutely love one of our local parks.  I am sure that in the next few years we will frequent there quite a bit.  Each time we have gone Ryan has gotten more and more adventurous.  Today I decided to let him be a little more independent on the equipment.  I was surprised at how cautious Ryan was when he was by himself.  I was standing nearby but not right behind him.  It is pretty unbelievable to me that he really just started walking a month ago.  The difference a month can make is truly incredible! 

I took my camera with the hopes of catching Ryan in action at the park.  Little did I realize that it is virtually impossible to chase a 13 month-old around with a giant Canon Rebel camera.  One of my mommy friends captured both of the pictures below.  Ryan sure gave me a work out at the park.  :)

Peek a boo..

I made it on the bridge by myself!!!

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