Thursday, May 21, 2009

14 Months!

My little boy is growing up so very fast.  I have seen more changes in him during the past month then I could possibly imagine.  Ryan is learning new words almost daily it seems.  His latest words are Thank you "dank you" (which is precious) and "dat".  Ryan points to pretty much everything and says that.  Today we went to the grocery store and he saw and heard the train going around near the ceiling.  At first Ryan kept saying "dat" and I would tell him that is a train.  Before I knew it he was saying "ain".  He is SO smart!!!!

Ryan is getting new teeth all the time.  He now has two on top and two on bottom with two more trying to come through the top.  I guess they were right when they told us that they would all come at once.  Ryan is getting much better on his feet and is even starting to climb onto furniture.  Ryan loves to play outside.  When he wants to go out he will walk over to the door and point to it saying "doe".  He loves waving to people and telling them bye in his southern accent.  

Ryan is also starting to really grow some hair.  He has a little bit of a mullet going on right now and his hair is very thin.  I feel like he needs to go for his first hair cut but there is so little that actually needs cutting that the hair dresser might laugh at me.  

I never knew that I could possibly love a person as much as I love my Ryan.  I know that he is going to make such a wonderful big brother to B2.  

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