Monday, May 25, 2009


Since I am using this blog as somewhat of a journal, I wanted to share a cute thing that Ryan has picked up in the past week.  Ever since our plane ride back from Texas where I was showing Ryan all of the planes on the run way as we were getting to take off and telling him to wave bye to each one, he has started doing just that.  

We live fairly close to the airport which means there are plenty of planes flying around all the time.  Anytime Ryan sees a plane --- when we are outside, when he catches a glimpse out of the back windows, when we are driving around town --- he immediately points to the plane and says something that sounds like plane.  After a few moments of pointing he starts waving and saying "bye" in his very southern accent.  It is precious!  

Tonight Ryan wanted more milk in his sippy cup.  Jeff filled up the cup and handed it to Ryan.  Immediately Ryan said "Dank yooouuu".  The way he says it just melts our hearts and brings tears to our eyes.  

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