Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Since I am using this blog as a journal as well...I decided to write this down.  

My sweet little boy has really been working on his ornery side lately.  Ryan loves to laugh and smile at us anytime we use the word "No".  A couple of my mommy friends told me that they lower their voice when they say no and somehow the deep tone gets their child's attention and the child immediately stops the unwanted behavior.  I tried lowering my tone with Ryan and he only laughed more and harder.  I actually had to walk away because his laughing at my voice got me to laughing a little.  So....we are working on him gaining some understanding that "no" is not a funny word.  

Ryan has also developed a love for tugging on hair with all of his strength.  He grabs my hair and the hair of his friends.  He has a death grip on it when he gets ahold of it.  I am trying --- but so far he seems to have the upper hand here. 

Lastly --- Ryan has developed a very undesirable habit of whacking people with his toys.  I am not sure that he realizes what he is doing.   For instance, he tried to hand me the phone (to say hello) and in the process clobbered me twice in the face with the phone.  Yesterday he was playing with legos with one of his friends and he began knocking his friend in the head with the lego.  

That said, Ryan is such a sweet boy with a heart of gold.  He is friendly and outgoing.  He loves to make people smile, including strangers.  He is such a strong little boy.  He has determination and focus when trying to learn something new.  He gives the most wonderful hugs that I have ever had.  He loves to share his food.  He has shown me a love that I never knew existed!  He is such a joy to have in our lives!!!!  

If anyone has any ideas for stopping the hair pulling, please let me know!!  I feel so terrible for Ryan's friends.   I don't want to be the mom of a bully.  So far nothing is working. :(

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Jess said...

I don't know why I didn't mention this... here's how we got Dylan to stop pulling hair (our dog's and mine): Whenever I pet the dog around Dylan I would exaggerate the fact that my hand was open wide and my fingers stretched far apart and gently stroke the dog's fur. Then I would help him do the same thing and say something like "gentle, be nice." I wonder if you tried that on some other hairy type creature (a stuffed animal perhaps?) for a while, and then maybe try it with your own hair once he got the hang of it. I'd also be happy to volunteer my dog as a test subject since she is super mellow about hair pulling. good luck! I'm right there with you on the whole "no" thing though... so frustrating.