Saturday, July 12, 2008

Woah Baby!

Today my Mom's group had a morning play date.  At this point in time the play dates are more for the mommies than they are for the babies.  There were 17 Moms there, 18 babies (none older than 7 months).  I really enjoyed getting out and meeting some more great Moms!!  

Ryan had his arm around this little girl for a while.  The girl in the pink dress was upset...once her Mommy laid her down, Ryan grabbed her hand.  My son...the ladies man.  

Emily....Ryan wanted me to tell you that you are still his favorite little girl!!

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Ryan, Whew, I feel much better knowing that I am your favorite. The feelings are definately mutual :) I have to let you know that today when we went to dinner with the grandparents, mommy ensured I brought my phone incase you called. :) See you soon I hope! love, Emily

Shannon, I LOVE That pic! That is so worth enlarging. How fun that must have been for all you mommies! always, Emily's mommy