Monday, July 7, 2008

Why Ryan?

Out of all of the millions of names out there, how did we finally decide Ryan was the name for our baby?  Let me share...on October 31st we found out that we were going to have a boy.  We already had several girl names picked out that we liked but could not find any boy names that we found all that great.  We knew that because we could not find any boy names that we would probably end up having a boy and well...we were right.  

We were given lots of suggestions in the months leading up to the birth of our son.  Jeff and I had a little list but we did not share it with very many people for many reasons.  One, we didn't really want opinions.  Two, we weren't sure if we would end up using any of those names anyway.  Three, we wanted something to be a surprise!  

We went to the hospital thinking that we would probably name our child Evan Michael.  We liked Evan because it wasn't the most popular name out there.  The name had no meaning other than we liked it.  We also had two other names on our list, Jacob (we would call him Jake) and Ryan.

The moment that our little boy was born and I saw his face, I thought that he looked like a Ryan but I didn't say anything to Jeff.  The nurses quickly rushed Ryan to the warmer to get him breathing (that was the scariest moment of my life).  Once he was stable Jeff came over to the bed and whispered in my ear "I think we have a Ryan on our hands."  It was amazing!  Both of us thought that the name Ryan fit our son before we had even said anything to one another.  

Ryan was not official until the day after he was born.  We wanted a little bit of time to sleep on it.  I think that we picked the perfect name for our son! 

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jennifer said...

Reading that post made me tear up at work! :)