Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smilin' Ryan is Back!!!

My happy baby has returned!  For some reason Ryan's 4 month shots kicked his butt.  Strange because they were the exact same ones that he got at 2 months.  Ryan ran a fever for a day and a half which was scary to me but supposedly "normal" and he was eating about half as much as he normally did and sleeping about 18 hours out of the day.  He still gave us little smiles here and there but you could tell that he just didn't feel so hot. 

Today he woke up smiling and kicking in excitement to see me.  He is having fun playing with his toys this morning so I think we are back to life as usual.  

Ryan's exersaucer makes animal noises (cow, lion, dog, duck and cat).  Every time he hits the cow sound he lights up.  If we make the cow noise he grins ear to ear.  He also really likes it if you make the oooooo sound kind of like a ghost.  Anyway, I am thinking of getting him some sort of cow toy since he seems fascinated with them for the time being.  

Oh and in other news...we booked two trips to Texas last night so call us for details if you want them.  And...tonight is my first Mom's night out!  I am so very excited!!!  

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TurtlesButterfly said...

Enjoy your Mom's Night Out, you deserve it. Your boy is precious...hopefully we'll make it to DC sometime before he's grown :)