Monday, July 28, 2008

New Discoveries...

It is incredible to us how much Ryan has changed in just a few short weeks.  He is now exploring everything with his hands.  He reaches out to feel his Mom and Dad's face, he found his feet and toes, he knocked over Mom's drink at Starbucks (it was empty and iced) and he really plays with his toys now.  

Ryan is not crawling yet (thankfully) but he has started to scoot.  We can put him down on his tummy and within seconds he has moved a couple of feet in any direction.  If we lay him on his back he immediately flips to his tummy and starts to scoot.  I am afraid of what is in store for me once he truly is mobile. 

If you remember back a few years to the super-bowl beer commercials where the guys said "Waaaasssuuuuuppp" with their tongues out...well Ryan does that now.   In addition to the "moo" sound, Ryan now loves the "buzzzz" or "zzzz" sound.  He just giggles every time we make that sound.  In fact I probably have those sounds more in the past couple of weeks than I have in my entire lifetime just because it is fun to make him laugh.  

I am amazed with Ryan every single day.  There is nothing more incredible in this world than looking into your child's eyes, hearing them giggle, seeing their wonderful smiles and watching them learn.  Babies are truly a gift from God.  Jeff and I are very blessed.  :) 

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