Saturday, July 12, 2008

One Year Ago....

Exactly one year ago yesterday Jeff and I got the news that changed our lives forever.  Two pink lines...three times.  Yes, I took three pregnancy tests (just to be sure).  We were both very excited but very nervous at the same time.  Most of you know our history with early losses.  We prayed that things would be different this time and that God would bless our family with a healthy, happy child.  

God is amazing.  Maybe I should emphasize that a bit more.  God is AMAZING!!  Jeff and I are incredibly grateful for the son that we have been blessed with.  I used to pray for a healthy child and a healthy pregnancy.  I never dreamed that we would be blessed in quite the way that we have been.  Ryan is truly a gift to us.  We were chosen to spend our time on Earth with him.  I cannot begin too describe how incredible it is to be Ryan's Mommy.  I honestly believe that we were chosen to have this child for a reason.   I am so thankful to have this wonderful little man in my life!

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