Friday, June 13, 2008

Mommy Boot Camp

On Friday my friend Annie and I decided to try out Mommy Boot Camp. There were lots of Mommies there with babies of all ages. I loved it. Lucky for me Ryan wasn't that happy about half way through so I did get to skip one set of push-ups. I think I made up for it by doing walking lunges while holding a 15 pound baby though. I did not really know what to expect, but I was not anticipating it to be too difficult because you are working out with your child there. Boy was I ever wrong. The workout was excellent and I cannot wait to go again to try it next week!

For more information about MBC, click here.

Since I didn't actually post this until Sunday...I can admit that I have been sore for the past two days. I am going again tomorrow!!!!

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Oh I hear ya girl! I'm feeling the pain too! I wish I could go everyday myself! Just know I'll be cheering you on in spirit :) I'll join you on Friday though!!