Monday, June 30, 2008

The Big Apple

This past weekend we took our first road trip with Ryan.  We headed off to NYC on Thursday evening.  It took forever to get there due to construction on 95 (go figure).  Ryan did great in the car though.  He is such a great baby.  

We played around in NJ near Grandpa's hotel all day Friday waiting for Brandon to arrive.  On Saturday we headed into the city to do a tour of NYC.  It was HOT and when it wasn't hot it was raining.  Ryan did not seem to mind though.  He was rather content riding along in his stroller although a stroller in NYC is not all that fun to try and maneuver.  Jeff and I are looking forward to visiting NYC again...but hopefully with a much smaller stroller and when it is not so hot.  

When we left NYC I realized that we didn't really get any pictures of Ryan in the city.  This is because he was asleep or it was pouring rain when we were ready for a photo op.  Maybe next time.  :) 

Ryan & Grandpa at the park:

Ryan & Mommy on the train to NYC

Ryan chilled in his stroller the majority of the day:

We had to shield Ryan from the rain with a blanket...Times Square:

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SOO glad to hear you had a good time and Ryan was a perfect traveler! The jumperoo looks really cool too! :) Definately lets plan on meeting up the Friday after the holiday for class, shower and then maybe play? We could come to you! I love reading your blog and get excited when I see new posts!