Monday, June 16, 2008

3 Months!

Ryan is 3 months old!!

This past Saturday Ryan officially hit 3 months.  People always tell you that time flies but I don't think you really realize what they mean until you have a child.  Ryan is meeting all of his developmental milestones and is getting so big.  I haven't tried to weigh him lately (mainly because I don't want to get on the scale myself), but I am guessing he is well over 15 pounds by now.  He is eating really well to say the least.  

Ryan is starting to grab his toys.  He really likes to shake his rattle.  Everything has started finding its way to Ryan's mouth in the past week or so.  Perhaps the thing he enjoys the most is kicking his legs.  He has a toy that plays music and lights up when he kicks it. Ryan kicks that toy so much that Jeff and I have memorized the songs (there are several).  Ryan is smiling more and more and has tried to giggle a few times but he is not consistent with it yet.  Ryan's "vocabulary" is expanding as well.  He tries so hard to actually talk that sometimes it actually does sound like words.  He loves to have conversations with his Mommy and Daddy all day long.  

getting pretty good at sitting up!

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