Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random things...

1. After spending nearly $100 on diapers for Ryan and Owen (they should last us about 6 weeks), I have started to give VERY strong consideration to cloth diapering. I am thinking we are in diapers for at least 6 more months with Ryan and at least 2 more years for Owen.

2. I need to order one of these. I have been telling Jeff for ages that I want to have the blog printed out as it is my way of journaling big events in the our lives. I just might have to order one soon!

3. I also could use one of these. I love the idea of creating a cookbook of your very own. What a wonderful way to have all of your favorite recipes in one place and what a great gift it could be to give other people, or to give the boys someday. I could just have all of their favorite things in one place for them.

4. Double strollers are awful! They are all big, heavy and bulky. They all make shopping a pain. I have a very nice one that was very expensive and I do not like it.

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Brooke's mommy! said...

1. Good luck w the cloth diapering! That's not even an option for us w/ daycare.. and not really appealing to me anyway!
2. You SOOO need to get blog books! You are so great at blogging!! Such a neat way to chronicle your life!! I didn't even know they made those! So neat!!
3. Again, SUCH a neat idea! Love that!!
4. They ARE a PITA, but I'd much rather have your double than mine!!