Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Party!

This past weekend my moms group celebrated our annual Easter Party. It was funny to see how all of the kids reacted to the Easter Bunny. Ryan and Owen both didn't seem to be bothered by him in the least. We had a great time celebrating with all of our friends!

I should have gotten more pics of the boys together in their cute outfits. They will wear these again though so next time I will definitely get more pics of them all dressed up. They looked SO cute!

Owen meets the Easter bunny

Ryan looks a little scared here but he wasn't. My camera stopped working while he was in the Bunny's lap so he was just ready to get down and play...the boys were troopers and stayed in his lap for a while. Hopefully one of my girlfriends got a better picture.

Ryan and some of his friends making crafts

one tired baby who could not sleep due to all of the excitement going on around him. Owen was up from 1:30 until almost 8pm with only a very short nap. He was a trooper though.

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