Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello Spring!

While it is not officially spring yet, we have been having some wonderful spring weather. Enjoy a few pictures of our play time outside yesterday. Birthday pictures are coming soon --- they are on a different memory card and I haven't loaded that one onto the computer yet. :)

Catching Ryan in a moment where he was actually somewhat still. The child runs non-stop. Trying to get him to be still enough to have a picture taken is quite a feat. Between the hill, the soccer ball, the tricycle and just exploring I was able to get just a couple of pictures of him that were not the back of his head.

Owen was "stuck" in one place so to speak. He enjoyed having his exersaucer outdoors for a change. The hat turned sideways actually helped to block a bit of the sun from his sweet little face. :)


Jennifer said...

Love the pictures Shannon. :)

Penni said...

We are all so lucky to have such sweet babies in our lives.