Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Performance!

I great big huge heart Ryan's school.  Moving him to that school last year was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  His teachers this year are outstanding!  He loves them all, including his music and spanish teachers.  He is learning so much every single day.  He comes home saying things in spanish and asking me how to say certain things in spanish.  It is cute.  He only has his spanish class once a week, but he is learning SO much!  

A couple of weeks ago,  his school put on a Thanksgiving performance.  He usually isn't one to sing a whole lot, but he had practiced his song and knew it word for word.  He did sing a little up on the stage.  He also turned his back around so all you could see was the back of his head about half way through their song.  When they were done, he was so proud that he clapped excitedly for himself.  He was so proud and so were we.  :) 

he loved the performance and wanted his picture taken as well!

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