Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fall Fun/Birthday Fun

Little Brother's 2nd birthday was an absolutely beautiful fall day.  We decided it was the perfect day for checking out one of the farms in our area.  I am not sure why we had never been to this particular farm before but it was perfect for the boys.  I look forward to taking them back next year!  We had such a wonderful time celebrating Mr. O's 2nd year!  We played at the farm, had yummy pizza for dinner (his choice) and followed it up with a nice big cupcake!  The day was perfect!!

he had fun chasing around a whole bunch of chickens..

We all (except little miss) had a blast on the slides!! 
I may or may not have enjoyed the slides more than the kids!!

A few weeks after this trip, I took little brother in for his 2 year appointment to find out that he is in the 95th percentile for height and weight!  Wowzers!!!  He is bigger in both height and weight than his big brother was at the age of 3!!!  They are exactly one full shoe size apart and one clothing size apart. It won't be long before little brother is giving hand-me-downs to big brother!

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