Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello March!!

March is a great month! It might start off cold and blustery but just the thought that spring is right around the corner leaves me feeling refreshed and energized! Throw in the fact that three years ago we welcomed our first child in March and it easily becomes one of my favorite months of the year! :)

The past week or two we have been given some sporadic nice days. The boys have really enjoyed getting out and enjoying the time in the fresh air and sunshine. This past Sunday was one of those beautiful days. We took the boys for a very long walk and then headed to a play ground for a bit. Owen love, love, loved getting out and walking. He didn't want to be carried the entire time. Our walk to the play ground (we took the longest route possible) took an hour and he walked the entire time, less time spent crossing a major road.

Seriously he was squealing with delight and saying hi and waving hysterically to anyone who passed by.

Big boy does the BIG slides all by himself now!

I think they had fun...don't you?

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