Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cars Party!!!

We celebrated Ryan's 3rd birthday with a Disney Cars themed party. Thanks to the work of my crafty Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Dad, husband and a little of my own elbow grease, we had fabulous decorations to go with the party! :) Add ImageI found a few ideas from other blogs, but several things I came up with myself. We had a great time and I think our friends did as well.

Flo's V8 Cafe - we served pizza (during lunch time, had a stack of chocolate donuts (tires), fresh fruit and drinks.

Coke & Sprite

My awesome SIL made us cupcake holders but they were too big. I was SO sad not to use them. :(

Since it was such a nice day we moved this game outdoors once the party started. Luigi's Casa Della Tire Toss.

At Ramones House of Body Art the kids painted unfinished wooden cars and received temporary tattoos if they wanted them.

We also had a pin the tire on Lightning game but I don't think I took a photo...uhoh!

Thanks to my super duper Mother-in-Law...

Front door...

The cars. We got this idea here we tried to somewhat recreate it. The kids loved the cars!!! We only made 5 -- they were a ton of work.

Grandpa J blew bubbles -- Owen's favorite!

Then it was time for pizza & cake (what 3 year-old doesn't love this combination??) Owen LOVED the cake!

We finished off the party with the pull-string pinata. We had so much fun and so did our little ones! :)

BIG HUGS from my sweet birthday boy!!!

Grandpa J and his little grandsons..they are so glad to have him here and so am I!

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