Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ryan's New School

Last week I made the decision to take Ryan out of his preschool program. Ryan seemed to really enjoy the school but one thing after another really irked me about the program. It might seem like a lot of little things to some but after a while little things (like not really knowing about peanut allergies and how to accommodate them and not taking my child to the bathroom the entire morning) really add up and I decided that enough was enough. I knew that he was set to go to a school that I love next fall and figured he would just wait until September to start back to school. On a whim I decided to contact his new school to see if they had any current spots available. Strangely enough a little boy just moved last week so they had exactly one opening! YAY!!!! I spent Friday and Monday running around gathering paperwork and taking Ryan to tour his new school and meet his teachers.

Today was Ryan's first day and I was absolutely amazed. I guess I didn't realize just how unorganized and poorly run his old school was until I saw the new school in action. The teachers are outstanding. The way they greet the children by coming down to their level, smiling and hugging each child just warmed my heart. At the end of the day one of the teachers stepped out of the room to tell all of the parents exactly what the children had done that day. She went on to talk about how well behaved the children were. :) Ryan had a fantastic day at school. The teachers both told me that he was great and that he fit right in and played well with all of the other children. The teachers give hugs to each student as they leave for the day. They genuinely seem to love their jobs and love their children!! Ryan talked the entire way home about all that he did at school -- he went fishing in a bucket (it is fish week at school), went to the playground and found a cave, painted with blue and red paint, played in the water but didn't waste it, had pretzels and fruit for snack, went to chapel and prayed, played with the kitchen and a few other minor things. It was wonderful to see him so excited!!! I am looking forward to many more fun days ahead!

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